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Asking For Help - HR World Partner

Why is it that most people find it hard to ask for help? Are we programmed to know it all? Are we programmed to believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness? Here at HR World Partner we like to think that it’s because sometimes people don’t realise that they can. Ask for help. Help can be as simple as having a new pair of eyes look over a project, or as we like to call it – a fresh perspective. Working on a project can consume a person. Even the simplest of projects. How many times have you presented a meticulous piece only to have a spelling mistake pointed out or sent an important email only to have forgotten to CC someone? Don’t be fooled, we have all done it and will continue to do so. It is possibly the most natural thing in the world, human error.

HR people support every employee, support every department, coach, teach, recruit, develop, and as a company grows all those departments and employee numbers will grow, but what happens if the HR department doesn’t grow? The HR department is generally the last to expand despite it managing and supporting the needs of your most valuable asset. What happens then is that those words of mistake and burnout inevitably creep in as your HR people become exhausted too and make mistakes.

Which brings us back to human error. What busy business people can fail to notice is that their HR department works tirelessly to bring people in, build relationships and neutralise issues and is very much worth investing in and supporting. A well-run HR team, either wholly internal or supported by an external agency, should ultimately save your organisation money and increase your profit margin.

If the above resonates with you but a budget is not available for an additional HR person within your business, then why not consider partnering with an external support agency such as HR World Partner? Having a third party to lean on can save time, aid with employment updates, and advise on problem areas in an unbiased manner. In the event of grievances arising, disciplinary meetings or issues with bullying, an external agent can provide much- needed support and an objectivity that may be lacking within your own team. This is a prime example of the dividends an expert third party can deliver to your business. When partnering with us, you are buying our undivided expert attention at a fraction of the cost of recruiting additional HR personnel, thus making our service a truly cost-effective alternative.


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