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In a world of rapidly evolving employment legislation, our dedicated team of HR professionals can guide you with confidence through the statutory landscape. HR World Partner is a member of a group of successful companies with large workforces and years of hands-on experience as employers. We want to share our considerable knowledge with you and we offer a no frills, no jargon personal service, giving the employer clear advice on how to ensure compliance with the regulatory framework on a daily basis. Should you find yourself in a difficult situation with an employee, we can offer a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the difficulty with minimal impact to your business.

Partnering with HR World Partner will provide you with the reassurance that your business is up to speed on employment legislation, is statutorily compliant and meets the needs of your employees whilst all the while protecting your business. Small, growing or grown, whatever your business size we will become an expert extension of your company by providing the following services:

HR Documentation & Payroll Support

We will provide your business with a suite of bespoke HR documents, drafted to comply with the specific requirements along with Payroll Support.

With our high caliber recruitment service for professional roles, sales, operations, accounts and payroll, we can take the headache out of finding the right person for the job.

HR World Partner work with each client to create a bespoke onboarding plan that works for them, their business and their new employees.

Health & Safety awareness is of critical importance to every workplace for a number of reasons, not least from a regulatory perspective.

Ensuring Employers are operating within the confines of legislation, offering practical hands-on advice and solutions in the event of non compliance.

We will clearly set out the grievance and disciplinary procedures to be followed in the event of a dispute or difficult situation.

Our team of Legal and Compliance Officers, HR Specialists and Business Consultants are on hand to offer expert advice on all aspects of employee management.

Training and investment in your employees is crucial for organisational development & success. We will tailor-make suitable workshops for your company.

It is important to remember that compliance with the law will protect not only the employee but also the employer. Falling foul of the regulations can be costly should an employees’ grievance succeed in the Workplace Relations Commission or the Labour Court. Similarly, fines for breach of Health and Safety provisions can run to several thousands and even, in extreme cases, to a term of imprisonment. HR World Partner, with our combined wealth of experience across a broad range of industries and professions, will work with you and treat your business like it is our business. What price peace of mind?

Ready to find out how HR World Partner can help you?

Ready to find out how HR World Partner can help you?

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